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To Live is Christ
Nancy's newest bible study
To Live is Christ is an 8-week, verse-by-verse bible study on the book of Philippians. The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians has been the foundation for a life of contentment and joy to all who have embraced its message over the generations. Paul’s secret of contentment is found in his well-known words “to live Is Christ”. In this way he reveals how to rise above the circumstances of life, experience joy amidst adversity and live with Christ at the center of your lives.

This personal or group bible study can be used independently from the video collection or enhanced by the DVD packet below.

DVDs available below

To Live is Christ
DVD Packet
DVD packet includes 8 teaching sessions and one introductory session. Each session is 20-25 min long.

To Live is Christ
Book & DVD set Combo Pack
Nancy's newest bible study PLUS DVD packet.

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Rest Assured
Rest Assured is a 90 day, soul-soothing devotional book based solidly on scriptures. Spiritual rest is a much-needed remedy for the average frazzled person today. In Rest Assured you will
  • find shortcuts to scripture that answer life’s common challenges such as anxiety, finances, parenting, etc.
  • enjoy daily connections with God and feel assured that He hears you
  • be challenged through personal reflections and the study questions provided
Daily doses of Rest Assured will take you from frantic to faithful, from hurried to hopeful, and from panicked to peaceful.

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The Rest of your Life
In this daily devotional, The Rest of Your Life, Nancy writes with empathy, wisdom, and biblical understanding about the many ways God's Word impacts life's daily struggles. From her own life as a wife, mother and ministry leader. she relates to all who seek rest in a restless world. And from the lives of biblical characters and others, she draws support for her theme that God is our only reliable source for spiritual rest.

Price: $14 + shipping

My New Life In Christ
My New Life in Christ surveys the foundational areas of Christian discipleship. It is written for the person who understands Who her Savior is, but wants to fully develop her walk with Christ. The eight chapters in this book include Living a Life in the Spirit, Living a Life in the Word, Living a Life of Freedom, Living a Life of Prayer, Living a Life that’s Different, Living a Life of Service, Living a Life of Community, and Living a Life of Joy. This eight-week curriculum will fully equip you with all the foundational principles to grow as a Christian.

Price: $8 + shipping

Principles for Leading A Small Bible Study Group
Small group leaders have a crucial role in shepherding groups to understand Gods word and experience the love and support of His family. As a Bible teacher with years of experience in training small group leaders, Nancy has provided an excellent, comprehensive tool to help leaders guide those in whom God has entrusted them. This workbook provides all the necessary information in a simple, concise format to assist in the ultimate goal of lives changed for Christ.

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