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We Are Weak, But He Is Strong

Nancy McGuirk - Bible Commentator

We should never seek an experience—instead we should seek God’s face and He will empower us.

In the final article of a three-part series on the empowering of the Holy Spirit, teacher and Bible commentator Nancy McGuirk asks, “How do we prepare ourselves to follow Stephen’s example?” She explains that we accomplish this by being willing and available to do whatever God calls us to do—right now, for His glory. As we strive for excellence in the small things of our lives, God will provide bigger assignments.

The Spirit Empowers – Article 3 of 3

There have been many instances in my life when I have experienced God filling in for my weaknesses in order to accomplish His will through me. Each time this occurs I try to be sure to journal them in order to have a record of the specific times in my life when God alone has been my strength and my shield. The practice of recording God’s deeds is important for every Christian, for it helps us remember the many times He performs great and mighty works in our lives.

Any time we ask God to empower us with His Holy Spirit we should ask ourselves this question: “Why?” Why do we want this power? Is it for us or for Christ? If we want it in order to glorify Him, He will provide us with the power we seek. We should remember, however, that God does not call us to seek an experience. He commands us, instead, to seek Him, and to surrender to Him each day. Then He will fill us with His Spirit.

This is how Billy Graham describes walking in or being filled by the Spirit: “Personally I find it helpful to begin each day by silently committing that day into God’s hands. I thank Him that I belong to Him and I thank Him that He knows what the day holds for me. I ask Him to take my life that day and use it for His glory. I ask Him to cleanse me from anything that would hinder His work in my life. And then I step out in faith knowing that the Holy Spirit is filling me continually as I trust in Him and obey His Word. Sometimes during the day I may not be aware of His presence and sometimes I am. But at the end of the day I can look back and thank Him because I see His hand at work. He promised to be with me that day and He has been.” Billy Graham knows how to allow the Holy Spirit to empower his life.

How do we prepare ourselves to follow Stephen’s example? Just as Stephen did, we should be willing and available to do whatever God calls us to do—right now, for His glory. As we strive for excellence in the small things of our lives, God will provide bigger assignments.

Perhaps you may be thinking, “But I don’t need a bigger assignment. I’m doing fine with what He has given me now.” Yet God doesn’t call us to be “just fine” or to be “successful.” We are called to be faithful—faithful under all circumstances that God sends our way.

How can you test your faithfulness? Ask yourself, “Am I willing to do whatever God calls me to do, to go wherever He wants me to go, and to say whatever He wants me to say?” Is your life a reflection of Jesus? Do you strive to point others to Him in everything you do? If so, you can take no credit because the Holy Spirit is empowering you.

Each of us should prayerfully consider what our answer would be if God in His sovereign wisdom gave us the ultimate test and asked, “Are you willing to die for Me?” If we are not sure how we would respond, we should ask ourselves an even more important question: “Am I willing to live for Christ?”

Nancy McGuirk - Bible commentator, small group facilitator, and intercessor - is the founder and director of the Women's Community Bible Study International. Nancy ministers to thousands of people each week in person and through a video and audio tape ministry. The focus of her work is evangelism, discipleship and intercessory prayer.

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