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"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness"
(2 Timothy 3:16)

On Speaking

Nancy is a popular speaker among churches, conference centers, and women's groups around the country. In addition to the messages listed below, Nancy will prepare talks to meet the specific needs of your group or audience. To inquire about Nancy’s availability to speak to your group, please contact:
Stacy Freeman at

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"Nancy was absolutely amazing and unequivocally spoke to every heart (and head!) with her love, joy and humor!"
- Cynthia

"We received countless emails, phone calls, and notes from the women of our bible study saying how grateful they are to have heard God’s words through Nancy. We had more women to commit to bible study as a result. We were so grateful for Nancy’s knowledge, wit, and stage presence and one who helped us learn and laugh at the same time."
- Annesley

"I love Nancy’s enthusiasm for God’s Word and her tender heart for the women in the bible class she founded many years ago. If I lived in Atlanta and wanted to join a bible study, I would join Nancy’s."
- Ruth Graham: Author, daughter of Billy Graham

"Nancy McGuirk will enable you to have confidence in the power of God’s Word. You will learn to relate the Bible practically to your everyday life."
- Susan Alexander Yates: Speaker and author

Speaking Schedule Archive


Rest Assured: Finding God’s Rest in a Restless World. Nancy takes her audience through her own attempts to “do it all” for God and demonstrates how she learned to find rest in His promises and sufficiency. This is a stress-relieving message for those who struggle to make Christ more than a Sunday-morning appointment.

Lord, Can You Hear Me Now? This message focuses on what happens when we don’t seem to hear from God; on learning to speak to, and hear from, God in prayer. Using modern cell phones as a metaphor, Nancy explains what it means when God doesn’t answer prayer immediately.

The Power of a Prioritized Life. Every woman struggles with being overbooked and over-burdened. Balancing life as wife, mother, friend, and employee leads women to live a reactive rather than a proactive life. Nancy shares practical techniques for finding and following God’s priorities in the midst of a “To-do List” world.

Choices Matter. Drawing on the life of Daniel, Nancy demonstrates how short-term choices can have long-term consequences. She reminds her audience that godly choices come from a determination and desire to be obedient to God. Overriding all of our choices is God’s desire to conform us into His image. While we agonize over our choices, God strategizes over our character. His love and protection are ultimately greater than any bad or careless decision we make.

The Life-Changing Power of Christ—From Religion to Relationship. Nancy shares her own story of how God touched her heart and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Nancy’s passion is to let her audience know that living the “abundant life” that Jesus refers to is only a prayer away. Knowing Christ and being used by Him is a matter of asking for forgiveness for having lived a self-centered life. God is then able to lead us into Christ-centered living.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. Nancy challenges her audience to say “Yes” to God, even when life’s circumstances might be shouting “No.” Using biblical and personal examples, she shows how and why God blesses the obedient life and why God’s priority for His children is always character over comfort.

How Can a Martha Have a Mary Christmas? A humorous approach to the busyness and stress of Christmas, this message uses the story of Mary, Martha, and Jesus to focus on putting Christ ahead of all else. A timely message to prepare for the holiday season, Nancy helps her audience deal with the commercialization of the world’s most important birthday celebration.
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