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What I Believe...

Nancy McGuirk

I believe the Holy Scriptures to be the Word of God, inerrant and infallible.

I believe God is the sovereign ruler of all things; that He reveals Himself through the Trinity: three distinct persons of Father (our creator), Son (our redeemer), and Holy Spirit (our guide).

I believe in the depravity of man, original sin, and man's sinful nature which is rooted in pride and selfishness.

I believe that through God's compassion and love, He has initiated a plan of redemption for man made possible by the atoning death of His Son, Jesus Christ. Through His plan, which embraces the free choices of man, His purpose will surely be accomplished.

I believe that Jesus was crucified, buried, rose again and ascended into heaven to be with God the Father, triumphant over death and hell.

I believe that through the Holy Spirit, all who believe in Jesus and ask Him to be their Lord and Savior are regenerated. It is by grace, through faith, that we are saved and justified, redeemed and forgiven. As God’s adopted children we inherit eternal life.

I believe Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. We trust God alone to be the ultimate moral judge of each person, judging each one in light of what they know; not what they don't know.

I believe that by God’s grace those who have come to saving faith begin a process of sanctification (increasing holiness). Through regular confession in prayer and renewing of our minds with God's Word, we are slowly conformed to the very character of Jesus. Then, through the Holy Spirit’s power, we are enabled to live holy lives pleasing to the Father.

I believe Christ calls each of us to discipleship and the bearing of one another's burdens. As evangelicals, we desire to bring the knowledge of Jesus and salvation through Him to the lost. As Christ’s ambassadors we are called to service in meeting human needs. Social service becomes evidence of one's faith as well as a preparation for the proclamation of God's Word.

I believe Jesus is the head of the church which is made up of all born-again believers. Each believer, as a member of the body of Christ, has been given certain gifts (spiritual abilities and ministries) to build up the church and advance the kingdom of God.

I believe God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world as Jesus returns to reign in victory. Jesus will punish the wicked and take home the righteous to live with Him forever in God's heavenly kingdom.

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