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Where Was God On Tuesday?

Nancy McGuirk - Bible Commentator

Read Nancy McGuirk's words to the Women of WCBS on Wednesday, Sept.19, WHERE WAS GOD ON TUESDAY?

I am sure all of you, like me, sat in shock as you watched your televisions last Tuesday!! Was this really happening or am I watching a terrible movie? What a chilling moment to witness the greatest tragedy that ever hit this country and took the presumed lives of over 3000 people....that's 3000 innocent people like you and me who went to work that day never knowing that it was their last. That's 3000 families affected, orphans with a missing parent...thats over 3000 funerals! This attack at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has left all of us in shock and disbelief...the insanity behind these attacks sacrificing the lives of the innocent passengers while flying these suicide missions brings home the sobering reality of what incredible evil man is capable of.

As we emerge from Tuesday, however...the heavens seem to open and God is at work ....How many of you watched the National Prayer service with Billy Graham on Friday? Look at how the world begins to sooner have we left the greatest day of despair in our lives that we now face the greatest day of hope. All men of power like former presidents of our country and heads of state from other countries... people of different culture, background and religion all come together to do one thing....look up to God... .as historic as the day of tragedy was likewise, I found this service a most historic day of hope .. And what a beautiful witness Billy Graham was for the Christian community as he "spoke the truth in love."

It was as though the world stopped and God put His arms around us....Never before have we seen our country so unified ....never have we seen such patriotism or such heroism...or such volunteerism and look at how people wanted to give of their time...their money... their blood and even their lives. Why you would almost think we had turned into one big body of Christ!

The community of faith is being revitalized as we seek God in this tragedy....but it's important to stay strong ...not just for ourselves...or for our children...but for the unbelieving world around us. We have a great opportunity right now. It's important today and the weeks ahead in this bible study to reflect on this event be at peace with that which we don't understand and to cling to that which we do order to "be prepared to share the hope that is within us."

Many, both inside and outside the family of faith, have asked "where was God on that Tuesday?" There are some things that God tells us in The Bible that we know for sure and there are some things that we weren't meant to understand.

First of all ...God is sovereign. This event did not take Him by surprise. He WAS there. But also God is a god of love...(we see that in Jesus Christ)...he is not the author of suffering. God is good and He did not and does not cause the evil we see....Because of His love, God gave man the gift of free will...where man can choose good or evil. When man chooses evil, there is then suffering in this world. And this grieves our Father.

So why did God not intervene? What do you say to the woman who screams "why didn't God intervene to keep my innocent child from being killed beneath all that rubble? I don't know.

I can't answer that question anymore than I can answer why God did not intervene when His own son was dying on the cross. But I certainly can see the good that came out of that. Just like I can see some of the good already coming out of this horrible event.

So was God punishing our nation? Did He allow this to happen to get our attention? I don't know that either. But, if you asked me, are we a nation that needs to repent because we have not had God at the center of our lives? I would say absolutely...and in that sense we have an opportunity to turn back to Him.

Some things we were not meant to understand. God says "my ways are not your ways or my thoughts your ways are higher and my thoughts higher too. In fact he also says.. you see dimly thru a mirror now, but one day you will understand...In other words, God has a higher purpose in allowing this to happen.

There are some things we DO understand...God loves us! He has a plan for us! His desire is that none should perish but that all should come to know Him. He wants us to trust Him....not to lean on our own understanding. God works all things out for good to those who love him.. God is a god of compassion. He is as broken hearted as he was when Lazarus died....just as he was broken over the death of his son on the cross. God knows pain and suffering first hand.

The media says our lives may never be the same...I would like to think if that's true, it's not because we now live out of FEAR but that because we now live by FAITH. Faith in a loving God who is at work and has a plan.

So what can we do now? We can fight. Fight with the greatest weapon we have !!..PRAYER!!

Our lives should be one of prayer as never before...not just morning and night but all day long. There is an urgency here!! We need not only to pray for our nation's repentance and restoration, but for our President and the leaders of this country. There are many different opinions in the Christian community on how we should respond to this attack. All I know is Justice is God's and only with God guiding our leadership will we respond properly. We don t want more innocent lives lost in the process of justice.....big decisions are in place now....with the potential of military action ...we need to pray for wisdom for our President. We need to pray for the broken hearted families who have lost loved ones or who have yet to find them. Pray that they know God's peace and comfort as never before. We need to pray for our children that they will see a country and parents whose lives are full of hope in a loving and just God. There is something else we need to pray for that you dont want to hear, and I dont want to say. We need to pray for our enemies, that they come to know our God who is only known through Jesus Christ. And finally we need to pray for ourselves...that God will work a miracle in our hearts....that in time, He would remove this bitterness and anger inside and perform a miracle that only Jesus could do while hanging on the cross when he said "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

So where was God on Tuesday? The same place he was Monday and the same place He is today. He is watching over each one of us and he is inside the hearts of all those who believe in His Son. God loves us and desires the best for each of be like Him and to be with Him. This is not our home...for this world is temporary. Our home is with Him. And any one of us could be called home... today. But in the mean time, let's live for Christ and live with hope. And I believe, that one day we will be able to look back at this horrible event and say to these terrorists the same thing that Joseph of the Old Testament said to his brothers who abandoned him....."what you meant for evil, God meant for good."
Nancy McGuirk - Bible commentator, small group facilitator, and intercessor - is the founder and director of the Women's Community Bible Study International. Nancy ministers to thousands of people each week in person and through a video and audio tape ministry. The focus of her work is evangelism, discipleship and intercessory prayer.

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